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Hi teacher,

my name is Giordano. Like you, I am an English Teacher and got my certificate at the International TEFL Academy. I graduated in June 2018 and I’ve been teaching/tutoring in Milan for about six months now, and absolutely love it.
I am also passionate about the internet and all the things that it allows us to do. Particularly, I am interested in the amazing possibilities and lifestyle that can be achieved with remote work and location-free jobs.

This is why I am working on a web-based project and would like to see if any of you might be interested in working together.

The idea is still in a “early stage” and it needs a lot of brainstorming, reality-checks, validity tests, changes and, probably, some aperitivo…

But this is also why I am reaching out to other teachers, as this can’t be done by one persone alone, and it shouldn’t.

So if you managed to get to this point and happen to:

  • be passionate about teaching English

  • be certified (CELTA, TEFL, etc.)

  • love all the “internet stuff”

  • have some knowledge of any web design, graphic design, digital marketing, copywriting, blogging, web writing, etc.

  • be willing to join forces and build “something” and

  • be living in Milan

Let’s catch up and grab a coffee (or aperitivo)!

Please use the button below to introduce yourself addressing the points above.

Look forward to hearing from you!

If you’re not interested, but know someone who might be, please share this page. Thank you!